• Shows our yellow gingham settle mat rolled into it's travel size
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Dog Settle Mats Re-loved

Introducing Dog Settle Mats – the perfect blend of comfort, sustainability, and care for your furry friends. Our settle mats are crafted from pre-loved fabrics, deadstock, and offcuts, giving new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste. Dedicated to our rescue pup Winnie, and all rescue dogs, these mats embody the spirit of renewal and love, just like the journey of every rescue pet finding their forever home.

Each Re-Loved Dog Settle Mat is unique, featuring a variety of colours and textures from repurposed fabrics. Not only do these mats provide a cosy and safe spot for your dog to rest, but they also support eco-friendly practices by reducing landfill waste. By choosing our settle mats, you are making a positive impact on the environment while giving your beloved rescue dog the comfort they deserve.


There are only a very limited number of each design, as once the fabric is gone, it's gone! Sign up to our mailing list now to be the first to access each new drop of settle mats, with exclusive shopping access to make sure you can grab the design your pup will love the most! 

Shows our yellow gingham settle mat rolled into it's travel size

Yellow Gingham

A Yellow gingham picnic style settle mat!

Both sides feature a perfect sunshine yellow gingham, one side small squares, one side large squares!

Blue Stripe

Gorgeous blue striped settle mat.

Both sides have the same perfect pin-stripe blue.

Bright Patchwork

Bright and colourful for the adventurous pups!

This settle mat has a pink, blue and yellow flower patchworks style on one side and a bright yellow and pink flowers on the other side.

Blue Gingham

A perfect addition to a picnic by the seaside, the blue gingham dog settle mat. 

One side of the mat is blue gingham squares, the other side is large patchwork like blue patches